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HSAs for Now and the Future

If your goal for 2018 is to be a healthier version of yourself, why stop at that apple for a snack? Help your health and your wealth by opening a health savings account with Fidelity Bank & Trust. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are being used now more than ever... read more

Make Your Tax Refund Work for You

Tax season has officially arrived. While the thought of filing taxes may stress you out, the thought of receiving a tax refund can make your wheels spin. Before you plan any major purchases, or splurges, it’s time to examine other options for your tax refund. Life can... read more

Agricultural Loans From Your Hometown Bank

We know that just because crops aren’t in the field yet, our ag customers are very busy. Now is the time to organize your finances, equipment, and lives for the coming season. At Fidelity Bank & Trust, we want to help in any way we can. “We believe our... read more

I Do with Fidelity Bank & Trust

Do you know someone who got engaged over the holidays? Perhaps it’s coming at Valentine’s Day! The thought of a marriage is very exciting but can also add stress to your life because weddings are very expensive. At Fidelity Bank & Trust, we have a solution for you... read more