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Your banking experience is probably much different than it was 10 years ago. If you’ve been a customer of Fidelity Bank & Trust for the last decade, you’ve noticed the gradual changes we have made to give you the best online banking products available.

Jessi Udelhofen, our eBanking Assistant, says one of the biggest changes she’s seen in online banking is how quickly transactions are now posted.

“It no longer takes hours for your deposits to appear in your account,” she says. “Our customers always know the status of their accounts because Fidelity updates its transactions in real time.”

What about the best online services Fidelity offers?Picture1

“For personal banking, I think our free bill pay service is awesome,” Udelhofen explains. “You can pay multiple people and merchants straight from your Fidelity Bank & Trust online banking account. Customers love it because they only have to remember one username and password!”

The advances in online banking for businesses are something Udelhofen believes is truly beneficial for Fidelity Bank & Trust clients.

“Our free cash management services can save business owners a lot of time,” she says. “They do their ACH payroll through our online banking accounts and in just a few clicks they can pay their employees.”

As far as the future of online banking, Udelhofen says the sky is the limit.

“Any service that benefits the Millennial population will continue to grow and become more sophisticated,” she explains. “I’m just so fortunate to work at Fidelity Bank & Trust with so many people who are always looking to better the banking experience for our customers. I love working here!”

If you have questions or want to learn more about your online capabilities with Fidelity Bank & Trust, come see us! We’ll be happy to show you how to make your online experience with us even better. Member FDIC.