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Everyone is on the go, all the time. We live in a mobile world with sophisticated technology. That’s why Fidelity Bank & Trust offers you Shazam Bolt$.

What can you do with this free app and service?

Meghan Annable, Dubuque Market Operations, explained Shazam Bolt$’ many features. “You can do multiple actions with this app,” she said. “You can check your balances, receive transactions, and much more.”

Shazam Bolt$ offers fraud protection, too! “One of the best features of Shazam Bolt$ is the fraud alerts you can receive,” Annable explained. “You can set up alerts so you get an email or text message if a purchase does not match your normal transaction pattern. You can also set up alerts for pumeghanrchases that are exceeding a dollar amount you determine.”

We know how important it is to take part of home with you when you go to college and Shazam Bolt$ is the perfect way to do that.

“I’m still considered a Millennial and I can tell you that Shazam Bolt$ is wonderful for college students,” Annable said. “If they lose their debit cards, Shazam Bolt$ can temporarily freeze the account. It’s also possible to locate ATMs through the app and send money from their account to one of their friends.”

Shazam Bolt$ allows college students to have their accounts right at their hands. “They don’t have to come to the bank, they don’t have to call their parents to make a transaction,” Annable explained. “I’ve been working in banking half of my life and technology is always evolving and making the banking experience better. Shazam Bolt$ is evidence of that.”

Fidelity is proud to offer Shazam Bolt$ to our customers. You can download the app for Android through Google Play and for iPhone through iTunes. If you want to learn more about it, give us a call! Member FDIC.