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At Fidelity Bank & Trust, we want you to spend less time fumbling through your wallet for your debit card and more time enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been waiting for!

Meghan Annable, Assistant Vice President of Operations at Fidelity, explained the convenience of Digital Wallet.meghan

“Digital Wallet allows you to make faster and easier payments from your smart phone or smart watch,” she said. “All you have to do is tap your phone at the terminal, pay, and be on your way!”

Digital Wallet at Fidelity is available for any debit card and any checking account we offer. Even better? You can use Digital Wallet at more than 30 million retail locations worldwide!

“One way to determine if you can use Digital Wallet at a retail location is to see if the terminal has EMV chip capabilities,” Annable explained. “Typically, if it has that capability, it will take your Digital Wallet.”

It’s important to know that Digital Wallet is not the bankfidelity app!

Digital Wallet is offered through our partnership with Shazam®. It is extremely secure and can be used through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Droid Pay.

“This technology is fairly new to our market,” Annable said. “We want each and every one of our customers to know we’re happy to help them set up Digital Wallet.”

Technology is always changing, and Fidelity Bank & Trust always wants to give our customers the newest and most convenient banking tools possible.

“My job is constantly changing because banking services change all the time,” Annable explained. “There’s always something new so it’s a great time to work at Fidelity Bank & Trust!”

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