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Do you know someone who got engaged over the holidays? Perhaps it’s coming at Valentine’s Day! The thought of a marriage is very exciting but can also add stress to your life because weddings are very expensive.

At Fidelity Bank & Trust, we have a solution for you – a HELOC.

“A HELOC is a home equity line of credit, which is also a second mortgage against someone’s home using the equity in their residence as collateral,” Diane Steffen,  NMLS # 506343, Assistant Vice President explained. “You can use a HELOC for many things and a number of our customers use them for milestone moments in their lives.”Money Hearts

HELOCs work very well for funding college educations, home improvements, buying cars, and even weddings.

“I’ve had an experience with customers using a HELOC to fund their child’s wedding,” Steffen said. “I sat down with them to see what they could qualify for, we talked about how much they could afford based on their income and equity.”

For this couple, it worked out so nicely because it helped set their budget for the wedding.

“They knew how much they could borrow and used it to prioritize elements of the day, like catering and photography,” Diane explained.

The easiest part? If a customer has a HELOC through Fidelity, a phone call to us, an online banking loan payment, mailing a check, or stopping in one of our branches are convenient ways to make a payment.

“My customer just called me and said, ‘I have to pay the down payment for the cake,’ and I put the money in her account and got it taken care of in minutes,” she said.

As your hometown bank, we want to offer you the best products available. Our HELOC products offer several different payment options to suit your needs.

“Our customers are billed each month so you have time to make payments easily,” Steffen explained.

Diane’s customers were so satisfied with the loan and she got the best reward of all – attending the wedding!

“I had the unique experience of seeing the wedding,” she beamed. “It was so great to help my customers because they are my friends, too. The finished product was just beautiful!”

If you’re predicting a nuptial celebration in the future, come see us at Fidelity Bank & Trust. We’ll talk to you about your HELOC options.

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