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How much time do you spend entering receipt information and transactions into your Quicken or QuickBooks system? As a business owner, your time is valuable and how you spend it matters. At Fidelity Bank & Trust, we know that.

We’re proud to offer you the ability to download information from your Fidelity checking or savings account right into your Quicken or QuickBooks software through WebConnect for Quicken and Quickbooks.

It’s simple to use and will save you time and energy! Did we mention Fidelity offers WebConnect entirely free?

Here’s how it works:Picture1

  • Log into your Online Banking account with Fidelity.
  • Choose a date range for the transactions you’d like to download.
  • Download the records straight into your Quicken or QuickBooks system. Easy!

Never manually enter your transactions again.

Emily Soppe, eBanking Coordinator at Fidelity Bank & Trust in Dyersville, says her customers are absolutely thrilled with this service.

“We love that we can help our business customers make banking easier,” Soppe explains. “For example, this service also allows the user to automate annual reports instead of creating them by hand. The time that saves is exponential.”

If you’re not sure how to coordinate these services, come in to one of our branches.

“I’m happy to help any customer get set up with the Quicken and QuickBooks service,” she says. “We can make sure they’re comfortable downloading their transactions before they leave the bank!”

We want your banking experience at Fidelity Bank & Trust to be as easy and convenient as possible. We’re your hometown bank after all! Member FDIC.