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According to RetailMeNot’s survey data, consumers plan to spend an average of $743 this year between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Additionally, online sales during 2016 Thanksgiving weekend totaled more than $9 billion.

Online shopping has become as comfortable as watching football on Thanksgiving day. With two short clicks you can have your gifts delivered straight to your door. But, how do you know that your credit card and personal information are safe with all of these online transactions?

At Fidelity Bank & Trust, we want you to be safe online shoppers. Here are some tips from us:

  1. Watch out for fake websites. Every time you click on an ad, or visit an e-Commerce website, check the URL. While it may look like legitimate, it may not be. It’s best practice to enter the website address in the browser for the site you are looking for than clicking on a malicious link.cyber
  1. Look out for phishy emails. This can be tricky with the inundation of coupons and sales fliers that will fill your inbox. A phishing email is designed to look like it comes from a trusted source, but opening it will download malicious software on to your computer.
  1. Change your passwords. While many big websites will require you to create a secure password, some others might not. You should be proactive and make your password as secure as possible. Do not use your name or any information about you that can be easily obtained.
  1. Use a credit card. Fidelity customers should use their Visa consumer credit cards to shop online. Because debit card transactions happen instantaneously, it’s easier for scammers to take advantage of you. Fraudulent credit card charges can be disputed right away without the funds being debited from your account first. It’s always a good idea to log into your credit card account to be mindful of the transactions posting to your account.
  1. Sign up for ID Shield. We partner with the nation’s premier provider of identity management services. We can protect and monitor your identity so you can concern yourself with finding the best sales. Come talk with us about your ID Shield options.

We care about the safety and security of our customers. Follow these tips for a fraud-free Thanksgiving weekend!

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