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ID ShieldEvery two seconds someone’s identity is stolen. As financial crime continues to affect millions of Americans, we know how important the security of your confidential information is. At Fidelity Bank & Trust, we work to make sure your identity is monitored and protected at all times.

We can do this using ID Shield.

Our partnership with IDT911, one of the nation’s premier identity management services, allows us to offer you the most comprehensive identification protection, at a fraction of the cost of the competition. So what can ID Shield through Fidelity do for you?

At its most basic level, ID Shield is a proactive service that monitors your credit. If you do fall victim to identity theft, ID Shield will provide resolution along with up to $25,000 reimbursement coverage.

We also encourage you to download Shazam Bolt$, the free mobile app that alerts you of potential fraud!

Shazam Bolt$ is designed for iPhone and Android users and protects you in so many ways. You have the ability to set up notifications alerts within the app. For example, if your account is used in any card-not-present transaction (internet, phone, mail order) you will be alerted.

If a charge is made using your debit card that exceeds your custom specified amount, you’ll be notified. Pretty cool, right?

The Shazam Bolt$ app allows you to control your debit card more than ever before. If you realize a fraudulent charge was made or you lose your card, you can turn off the card straight from the app.

While we do our best to protect you, there are ways you can help protect yourself, too!
• Do not carry your social security card in your wallet.
• Create difficult passwords on all of your financial accounts. Also, when you get the notification suggesting you change it – don’t ignore it.
• Shred important documents because there are dumpster divers who will hunt for information in the trash.
• Install virus protection on your home computer.
• Adopt healthy skepticism when reading about online contests, raffles, etc. Normally, you’ve not ‘won’ something.

You can visit our website or come visit us for more information about ID Shield through Fidelity Bank & Trust and Shazam Bolt$.

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